Sheep Milk Blue Vein

A semi-firm blue with naturally occurring light rind. Typical blue flavours that start mild and strengthen with age. Well matched with port, fruity wines or sweeter dark ales

Sheep Milk Camembert

A rich and creamy variant on this French classic. Perfectly matched with a medium bodied Pinot Noir. The texture changes from velvety firm and chalky when young to ripe and runny when mature with slight truffle and walnut characters (if you can resist the temptation to leave it).

Sheep Milk Curado

Slightly sweet and nutty, this Manchego style cheese has great well developed flavour – not strong, just a little piquant. Try with a medium bodied Spanish Rioja or mild brown ale.

Sheep Milk Devotion

A semi-soft washed rind Reblochon style cheese. Devotion has a distinct nose, smooth creamy texture and a slightly funky taste. Match with Pinot Noir or robust Chardonnay.

Sheep Milk Feta

Greek style in so much as it is made from 100% sheep milk and aged in a light salt brine before being packed. A semi-firm crumbly texture with great balance of creaminess, salt and typical feta tang.

Sheep Milk Honey Yoghurt

Made from only sheep milk, probiotic cultures and honeydew our yoghurt is wholesome, unadulterated and 100% natural.

Sheep Milk White Vein

A unique medium to stronger-bodied cheese with a semi-firm texture and natural marbled rind. Slightly cheddary in taste with earthy mushroom and chestnut undertones. Great with a full-flavoured dry white like Chardonnay.

Sheep Milk Yoghurt

Made from only sheep milk and probiotic cultures, our yoghurt is wholesome, unadulterated and 100% natural.