About Us

Our farm is nestled in the charming Neudorf Valley, among green rolling hills with the magnificent backdrop of the the Mt Arthur range. It is here that we craft our delicious sheep milk yoghurt and cheeses – just for you.

Our People




The Cheesemaker

Francis studied food technology and cheesemaking in his home country of France. He honed his skills in Compte, a renowned cheese-making region in France and has 10 years experience in the industry working in Australia, France, Switzerland and New Zealand.




The Jarl

At the heart of our operation is Dave’s creative energy and desire for creating the highest quality product. He has an enduring passion for fine food, grown locally and ethically and he is always keen to explore how old traditions can be rediscovered and reinterpreted in our local context.



Our Sheep

Our breed of dairy sheep has been created using the two highest milk producing breeds in the world – the East Friesian and the Awassi, along with a careful selection of other breeds in the mix to ensure good genetics for healthy, happy sheep.







Multi-coloured when born, these sheep turn white or brown as they get older. Fat-tailed with brown faces and legs and long floppy ears they look a little like goats. Their quiet temperament makes them easy to handle.



East Friesian

Originating from the Friesland area north of Germany and Holland, East Friesians are known for their high milk yield and fertility.