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Award Winning Cheese

NZ Champions of Cheese

We're proud that our products get recognised every year at the NZ Champions of Cheese Awards.

Hand-Crafted Sheep Milk Products


Based in Nelson, New Zealand, Thorvald produces premium cheeses and yoghurt made from 100% New Zealand Sheep Milk.

Sheep Milk Yoghurt

Rich. Creamy. Good

Made from only sheep milk and probiotic cultures, our yoghurt is wholesome, unadulterated and 100% natural.
Thorvald Sheep Milk Yoghurt

According to legend

about 1200 years ago...

A mighty storm had battered the Viking world for 3 days and 3 nights. At its heart, a shield maiden gave birth to a baby boy...

Sheep Milk Yoghurt

Rich. Creamy. Good.

Thorvald Sheep Milk Yoghurt
Our 100% Natural Sheep Milk Yoghurt is now available around the country.